A Complete Collectibles Experience.

Bridging the gap between physical and digital
collectibles and their communities.


Collecting Revolutionized. 

Explore our roadmap and developments for the future of collectibles.


Purchase physical collectibles as NFTs on the blockchain from the Collect Vault.

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Earn $CLTX tokens through Cards and Culture NFT projects and developments.


Welcome to the Collectorverse, your digital world to explore, interact, play and collect.

Collect Vault

Purchase physical assets with the security of the blockchain. NFTs purchased from Collect Vault correspond with the exact physical collectible for 100% ownership.

Why Collect Vault?

Collect Vault integrates physical collectibles into a digital landscape, offering collectors a new method of purchasing and trading assets, while promoting and educating community.


Collect Vault revolves around community. Physical items are housed in Cards and Culture brick and mortar locations for fellow collectors and the community to enjoy, while the buyer retains full ownership.


Each collectible is insured and stored securely and safely at Cards and Culture brick and mortar locations. Every item is indexed and handled with extreme care. If at any point you would like possession of your asset, we ship it directly to you.

Collect Vault: Fractional

Division of Collect Vault curating blue-chip NFT projects centered around pop culture, athletes and entertainment, through fractional.art. High value offerings that are fractionalized for ownership, where users can purchase shares.

CLTX token represents fractionalized tokens as an ERC-20 smart contract.

$CLTX Token 

Utility token backed by a collectibles portfolio.


$CLTX will be earned through holding Cards and Culture NFTs and future developments.


$CLTX will be used as the main utility and governance token in the Cards and Culture digital ecosystem.


$CLTX will be available to swap with other crypto currencies once liquidity is provided.


Portal to Cards and Culture's digital universe, Collectorverse will utilize real world attributes from Cards and Culture's existing brand and brick and mortar experiences, brought to the metaverse. A living, breathing, sandbox-style universe that will include exploration, community interaction, gaming, marketplace integration and more, fully customized to each individual user.

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